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Weird OBD code on a 91 cherokee, what gives?


NAXJA Forum User
So here it goes. I was leaving for class today and my car started acting weird, like it was out of gas. I'm quite sure I have a hole in my tank and it's leaking out overnight but anyways I pulled the car over and shut it down. I went to restart it and nothing. I walked to a gas station and put a gallon of gas into it and tried again, no luck. I checked the fuel rail for pressure, and it was there but still wouldn't fire. The engine cranks but im clueless. I ran a check on the OBD check and got a few codes, and had worked out all but one. It repeatidly trips a code 76. I looked around online but found no refrence to it. Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on? Thanks