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Weekend Update 11/8-9/08


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Middle Tennessee
With the Windrock Flog coming up in a week, I needed to get some repairs done to my DD since I plan to bring it.

I had a bad front u-joint on the pass side. As usual, simple things turn into difficult tasks. The nut on the stub shaft was firmly rusted in place. Breaker bars with cheaper pipes didn't do anything. Decided to remove the shaft and unit bearing as a unit. Finally got it out. I went to pull a shaft from a parts XJ and it had a bad unit bearing but a good shaft. Went to Autozone and picked up a new Timken unit bearing and got everything buttoned back up. Drives like a champ.

Picked up a CB, cable and antennae (sp ?) this weekend also to be installed before the Flog. That is the first CB I've every purchased new.

I still need to get a rear hitch installled for a rear pull point. I think I'm going to make some nut strips for a DrawTite hitch I have. The previous installer just dropped the carriage head bolts through the unibody frame. It didn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about being secure.

I need to get either some 297X shafts or some chromos soon. I got approved to purchase my lift this weekend. I can't wait to get it ordered.

What did everyone else get done or do over the weekend?
well i turned the jeep around so my landlord thinks i drive it occasionally.... putting a new shaft and u joint in it tomorrow gonna pull that broken junk out and wheel the piss out of it this weekend...