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Water Pump Sounding like a Banshee


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Is there any other reasons this would happen other than bearing going bad? I was having a horrible sound coming out of my engine bay and when I used a stethoscope it was coming form my water pump. It had a slight play in the bearing but the thing is probably only 7 months old, its the 3rd water pump in say 2 years? I'm not over tightening my belt as I have a gauge but for some reason they keep dying, Some reman some new, the new lasting longer(7-8 months) but its a pain in the ass to have to change it so often, any ideas that it could be something else and there's just play in the water pump bearing?
Almost always caused by overtightened belt or a just plain defective pump to start with. Check your tension gauge and make sure it is accurate.
Locate another one that you can beg, borrow or steal...and compare the two. If yours is setting the belt too tight, then the difference should be noticeable.
I had two NAPA water pumps die in 6 months or less and I have a real tension gauge. I bought a different pump last time, GMB I think, and it's been okay thus far.
You might be able to get one at the stores that loan tools like autozone. Ask the people at napa, they sometimes wind up with tools. Or if you are know any mechanics shops or are a customer well just ask if you can do check. The belt shouldn't be moving less (or more) 90 degrees at the longes span, just enough to get things to stop squeaking. BTW aren't most xj equipped with a manual not automatic tensioner. Also check if other pullys are seizing, misalingned with the pump and that the pump's pully is not installed crooked, bent, unbalanced or torqued unevenly so that it warps it. Also if your fan clutch is bad than your water pump will fail. I also am satisfied with my GMB, bought it at partsplus OEM brand I thought.
PaulJ how long since you got the last pump? I might try a different brand and see if I have better luck, I sure don't wanna put any more in :D
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