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want to trade my 37's for your 35's


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hey up for trade is my goodyear wrangler mtr's with more than 65% tread left. the size is 37x12.50x15 im looking to take some stress of my axels and I want to trade for some 35 mickey t's. im looking for 35 inch mickey thompson mtz's with a comprable amount of tread to what im letting go here. brand new these tires cost me 1800 before they were put on the american racing rims. im looking for a set of wheels with the tires but if you are dead set on keeping your rims if they are 12.50x15's we can swap the rims out and trade tires. let me know send me a pm or pref. an email..... [email protected] or my cell 717-873-3270 thanks andy
i would also posibly consider some swampers....just tell me what you have and ill think about it i really do need to let these bad boys go...unfortunately
I have 5 - 35" Dick Cepek Mud Country's on 16" Dick Cepek DC-1 Rims, what rims are yours mounted on?

Here is a pic of mine

bad news guys i killed a tire so unless you want to trade 4 35s for 3 37s which im sure most of you dont these tires are currently unavailable sorry but if you are for some reason interested still i guess send me a pm....im depressed this blows