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Wall Trail CLOSED (Reiter)


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Lynden, WA
So I am sitting here tonight and decide to check out SNORT(been awhile). I come across this.

This is at the beginning of the Wall Trail. If your at Reiter and see this sign. RESPECT IT.

Read this thread for more info: http://www.snort4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21470&perpage=15&pagenumber=1

And here is what the Wall trail looked like on Feb 19th.

So next time your out make sure you don't make any new By-passes and please pick up garbage that the asshats have left behind.

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Ya know, part of me wants to say its about time they started doing this because too many people are going in and abusing what we have/had at Reiter.

On the other side, I cringe, since once something like the wall trail is closed, who knows when...or IF...it will ever reopen.

Some may say Reiter is old, it's lame, everyone goes there, etc. But personally, I still enjoy that place. So what if I've run everything there (well, cept for Isabelle), it's still a fun place to go with friends, try out new mods, or just plain have a little fun doing some wheeling.

But thats just my opinion. Hans is right though, we need to really get on things to prevent loosing more or Reiter. But honestly, I think the place has gotten too used/abused in the last several years. Maybe it's for the better that some trails get shutdown, at least to let nature recoupe a little.
And it isn't the responsible wheelers that are getting it shut down, it is the asshqles that dump garbage and/or drop their empties. But it is the responsible wheelers that need help this situation.

Chris you may be onto something, a rotating schedule of trails. Maybe something like 4years closed, 4 years open and so on.

Of course the way they blocked it is only going to stop the responsible wheelers. but I guess they need to access the Index Wall incase of an emergency.

I would like to see a gate with keys.

I guess one of my down falls of being this years Prez is that I haven't set up a work/clean-up day like I said I was. I guess I have been too busy with NWF and other club/personal Business. I think that we should team up with PNW4WDA on one of their work parties. They have one June 25th But that is alittle soon for me especially with NWF coming. But they have one Sept3-5(labor day weekend), I know this is a very hard weekend for most of you, but I am going to dump my plans and get out there and help them build a 110ft bridge at Eble hills. They could only get a 3 day permit from fish and wildlife department so they need all the man power they can get. If your interested post up.

Has everyone done this??
This was not closed due to any WIld Sky legislation. Climbers were complaining about junk flying by them climbing the wall, and a couple people have fallen in the past few years and the USFS made the decision.

This is one of those "don't be an idiot and the trails will stay open" deals. Unfortunately, we wheelers can't blame this closure on anyone but ourselves...only off-raoders could make it up there to leave a mess and chuck garbage and themselves off the top.
Chris J. said:
...only off-raoders could make it up there to leave a mess and chuck garbage and themselves off the top.

Dang, I wish I hadn't jumped off the last time I was there. Had no idea it would lead to this.

Sorry guys.

y i know 4 wheelers do it too im not one of them but you know there are alot of people on bikes and quads there too... not to many go up the wall trail though