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Ventura County meet and greet.


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How many might be interested? I know there are very few here, but they ARE here! Speak up if you are around, or close enough to come to a meet and greet in Ventura/Simi/Thousand Oaks. If there is enough people who "might" be able to come, I will step up and make a place/time.
Ya dug me out of the woods, Ventura is a good location or BJ's Brewery in Oxnard. [ick a date and let's make it work. I know of at least 5 XJ's I s/b able to get to join.
I'm in Carpinteria......might be able to come if it's after finals.....

I don't know of too many XJ owners in the area, except for Captain Ron in Hueneme and a guy in Santa Barbara...

RE 4.5" w/33s.....bla bla bla......can I create sig without being a "supporter"? I tried in the User CP but I don't think it's possible..
Would anyone be up for a Thursday evening, with enough time for those that get off at 5? Or would a Sat/Sunday early afternoon be better? Just throwing out dates, but how about thursday the 2nd or 9th? Maybe thats too soon, but I would rather do one soon, I will be gone most of July/August. Oh, and BJ's is a good option, but we'll figure out where after we know when. :cheers:
Either day works for me. Let's firm it up so I can get word out.
Im definately down. Im in Simi. Ill be out of town the 9th-12th of june but other than that Im game! Ill have to trailer my XJ couse its not registered right now but Ill still show up

This Thursday the 2nd or Saturday the 4th? Those are the choices, whichever one more people can make it to will be it. I'm thinking BJ's or In&Out at around 6. Post up which day is better for you. Thursday is better for me, just because prom is that friday the 3rd, dont know how I'll feel on saturday. :laugh3: But Saturday is still an option for those who cant do thursdays.

I'll check back here tonight and see which has more "yes" votes, and then it will be set.
Evening of the 4th is probably better. Getting folks from out of town there after/during rush hours can be a task. I can do either day though.
Sorry for the slow response. Sounds like the evening of the 4th is going to have the best turn out. There is an In & Out in Oxnard, in the new Esplanad(sp?) shopping center(circuit city, home depot, BJ's...). I will get an address and mapquest it for those that dont know where this is. Saturday the 4th at 6pm?
I'll be in Big Bear on the 4th.

I'd be great if we could get everyone out to the La Janelle on a week evening...

Captain Ron said:
I'll be in Big Bear on the 4th.

I'd be great if we could get everyone out to the La Janelle on a week evening...


Now here is a great idea. You can even use the transfer case and maybe tow strap!! Take a little Hibachi and cooler and we are set.
I'm good for either... this saturday I wouldnt be there until about 6:30pm... but, is this saturday definitely going to happen, or are we going to try for another date/location?