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Vent window repair/retrofit?


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Is there anyway to help the vent windows?

My latches are loose, and the weatherstripping is hammered.

What can be done?

More concerned about the latches, as it's a security thing, but any help is appreciated.

are you talking about a xj or mj? your pic's an mj, but i'm still not sure. if you're talking about the rear pop out window on a 2 door xj, just go to the junkyards and get what you need. dealer prices are outrageous, 30 something dollars for a latch.
Not much you can do about the weatherstripping if it's torn, but if it's just bent over, you can sort of "retrain" it if you close the windows carefully. You can also sometimes loosen the entire window in the door frame and move things around a little for better fit.

You can adjust the closure a little bit by loosening the screw that holds the upper hinge to the glass and moving the glass around a bit.

You can tighten a loose latch post by removing the latch, which is held to the post by a very small roll pin. Don't lose the curly washer under the latch handle, or the button and spring. The post itself is hollow, and attaches to the glass with a phillips screw which you can tighten.

If the windows leak, a little silicone grease on the sealing edges of the weatherstripping helps more than you'd expect.