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UT - Need 4.10--4.56's, D30, D35 or 8.8"


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Ogden, UT
I need some deeper gears for my 91 XJ. I have a D30 front and the D35 rear. Have the correct carrier for deeper gears in the front, but no extra carrier for the rear.

I have a drum brake 8.8 available, so I would prefer to put that baby in instead of the 35. They all use the same carrier so no change there would be necessary.



[email protected] or PM me...
i have a d35 w/ 4.10

if you want i can pull the 410 out of the 35...how much is it worth?????? post reply or 916 412 3685
Ok, at this point, I am looking to go Waggy 44's front and rear. Sucks to have to live with the 3.07's for now, especially with 33's! Thx for the look guys.