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Updated pics of Jcr Shop XJ...


Kalamazoo, mi
Well, Here is the 99' XJ that we bought a couple months ago.

3" lift
Rubi tires and wheels
Stage 3 Front bumper
Stage 3 Rear bumper
Stage 1 Sliders

We will be adding a roof rack before too long, just ran out of time before winterfest :anon:





The bumpers have our new flush mount light option, more information will be available on that March 1st.
Very sharp!

That thing is HOT! :flame:

I love those lights in the bumpers.
Very cool.

I really like the black and silver thing.

Nice work.
I need to quit looking at this site - you guys are going to make me start caring about how my Jeep looks before it's over...

That is one fine looking rig! Great job!
I like the lights in the bumper.
When you gonna build oneto replace my booty fab rear bumper?
i thought you had the rack ready to go brian ?
here's what it looks like , on mine .
a huge thanks to jcroffroad for getting it ready in time for winterfest . :cheers:

I would love to see a stinger on that bumper, HINT HINT
That is a great looking shop rig you got there !!!

Here's what it would look like with your Stage 2 winch bumper with the prerunner bar (and dirt added) 3 years older and paint bad on hood :rof:


We need more info on that roof rack - it might fit in my garage ???
Love the contrast in colors , sweet rig.