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Transmisson cross support diagrams


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I bent my cross support last summer lifting my jeep with my floor jack and now want to replace it. I don't have cash right now, but I do work in a fab shop. Anyone have dimensions for the cross plate?

I can make it out of either UM plate (hard) steel or stainess in 1/4 or 3/16 inch plate. Any recommendations? It looks to me like a flat plate can just be spanned across the gap and punch the holes necessary for the tranny mounts.

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I did make a tranny/t-case/muffler cover out of some 1/2 inch T6 - 6061 aluminum that goes across the front support and then extends back about 2 ft. I supported the back with a piece of 3 inch ss angle with the lip plasedoff so as not to extend past the aluminum plate. Does this sound like I would have troubles with it being a little to heavy?
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There was a very long thread(w/ a very adimant poster) on this last month.Bottom line is you must have structure/shape.Flat by itself will not work!!!!
RCP Phx said:
Bottom line is you must have structure/shape.Flat by itself will not work!!!!

Flat by itself will work. Even wood will work if it's thick enough, but throwing weight at the job isn't the RIGHT way to do it.

One of the XJ's strengths is light weight. Why spoil it by bolting a boat anchor underneath. Use some design/engineering sense and build a tubular cross member with a shallow rectangular cross section. 3/16" steel would be plenty strong.