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Track Bar


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Merrillville, IN
I have had a death wobble that has been nagging me about 6 months now. This isnt a general "whats the cause" post....

...I'm curious... I have a 2.5" lift with coil spacers in the front but still a stock track bar. How LIKELY is this to be a cause? I've exhausted many many other options. Is it a good idea to either get an adjustable track bar or lower my frame mount anyway with only 2.5" lift?

How do I measure how far my axle is shifted to the drivers side and what is acceptable?
I had DW with my 3" lift with the factory track bar . Mine turned out to be a toe issue. set the toe -1/4" and no more DW. Drives great and tires are wearing good.
Also you can check out GOJEEP web site lot's of good info. It also tell you how to messure and redrill the track bar mount if you decide to go that route.
Just My .02 cents.