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toyota lovers 86 for sale


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Bessemer City NC
all stock except for the bed roll bar and the two hellas up top 4x4 stoped working last week went to pull out his lawnmower LOL it got stuck and the 4wd didn't work the front diff spins but no wheel spin im going to look at it this weekent and try to figure it out its not mine so you might have to wait on the responses $2,000 or best offer
diff front actuator is broken or clogged with mud
clogged with mud?? that could be it he got stuck in the mud and had to led his truck sit in the pond over night ill look this weekend kinda dumb on his truck you know where it is located at both cv axles couldnt go bad at the same time could they, they were just replaced like 9 months ago

AJ cool tell him to call me he should still have my number though