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Tow Hook Brackets for '88 XJ


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Geismar, LA, USA
Anyone have some laying around not being used? I'll buy new if I have to, but figured I'd see if anyone could save me a few bucks. Need 'em shipped to 70734.

Thanks, guys!
I called my local 4x4 shop a little while ago and supposedly they have the Rugged Ridge kit in stock for $75. After pricing new kits everywhere (that include the hooks with retainer clips) that's about as good a price as I'm going to find... just figured I'd see if someone had a set they'd be willing to sell for cheap before I make the purchase.
I have, but they don't come with hooks and I don't have any hooks laying around- haven't been in a 4x4 in well over a year. After factoring in shipping costs and everything, unless someone has a kit that's just not being used any more (and willing to part with them for cheap), I'm better off to spend the cash at the local 4x4 shop and have it in my hand on the spot.

Thanks for the link, though- I'd be all over them if I had hooks already.