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Tomken 2x2 sliders.


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These are a couple of years old and being replaced. There is a bit of trail rash, but nothing a sander and some rattle-can won't cure. I am asking $60 firm. These are definitely trail-worn, but well worth the 3 deuces if your rockers are naked. They have saved mine about 94 times. I am in Milwaukee and do not want the hassle of shipping them or boxing them up or whatever.

Of what?
Two long black pieces of metal.
You could offer to sell eternal salvation on this board, and 5 people would respond asking for pics.
They are black, with some scratches, numerous coats of rattle can over the original paint due to use.
Again, they are steel and can be repainted, sanded and repainted, or just used, as they were intended to be used.
The price is only 60 ducats due to the fact that they are trail beaten. I cannot locate all of the hardware, so you will have to get 8 small bolts and 1 self tapper. Sorry, but I don't have pics of the hardware.
If you like, I could sand and paint them and charge $100.
Let me know.
I can't say anything about the specific rocker rails bgcntry72 is selling... However, I can tell you that I love the Tomken 2x2 rocker rails I put on my XJ. The only picture I could find of my XJ that showed the rails was this one

In my opinion the Tomken rock rails and bumpers are fantastic. I know mine have saved my XJ on several occasions. I don't know anything about the condition of bgcntry72's Tomken rock rails but I do recommend Tomken's rails.


Hack said:
you got any pics?????

Bob-Bee has first dibs, and it appears he is exercising the option to buy, and hes local.
If this falls through, lobster it is.
Thanks guys.
Lemme know if they are still there, I am at Michigan Tech. and have some friends from around there, so they could pick them up or I could drive...anyhow...thanks!