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Tire Pressure


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Waddell, AZ
n00b question here i'm sure. But aren't all my questions that way?

What tire pressure do you guys run when driving street?

my tires are rated at 2250@ 50psi. I have 31x10.5 AT's

What psi do you guys recommend to run for daily drivers, and also what would I air down to for off-road?
I have a 2000xj w/235's bfg at's and I run 35 on the street, 12 in the sand, and about 22 on the trails if needed. I'm in Michigan so my biggest concern/problem is sandy hill climbs and some mud once and a while.

later, Tom
running 32x11.5x15 bfg mt's I run 35psi streets and anywhere from 10-20psi offroad depending on what terrain. The slipperier the rock, the lower you will need to go to maintain traction, if the rocks are dry and gritty you could probably do it at 30. Start with 15psi and lower from there if you're still spinning the tires easily, if you go too much lower than 10-12 you will start knocking the tires off the rim, not too big a deal if you have on-board air and a ratchet strap to reseat the bead! Just remember to air them back up when you get back on the street, nothing kills tires faster than low pressure on the street!!
I try to keep my 31x10.5's at 33ish.

what you're shooting for is high enough pressure to maintain tire height, and low enough to keep the entire tread flat on the ground. I filled mine to ~40 and layed my head down on the ground behind the tire, and let out air untill I could see no space between the tread edges and the ground. you just want to avoid the tread being U shaped if that makes sense. you want the tread to wear EVENLY
For street presures you should use the 4 psi rule. It must go up that much from cold to hot. Less, you have too much starting pressure and more, you have to little.
Full details on my site!