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Tie Rod Flip Inserts

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Well I was told to post here by the mods instead of the For Sale forum... so here's the post :)

Machined out of 1018 mild steel, $10 ea, $1 ea for shipping.

What you do is drill out your driver's knuckle to 3/4" and put the insert in place. You can run a few tack welds on it to hold it in place, but you don't have to.

What this does is allows you to put your tie rod on top of the driver's knuckle. Higher up... less chance of slamming it on rocks. My brother is the one that makes these, he is a machinist.




PM me, [email protected], or 907 830 2812 (10AM-10PM AK time).
MIXJ said:
so, these only go on the drivers side? why not the pass side too and get a full high steer?

You could do it, but you would need a custom tie rod or a right hand drive drag link.

In fact, if you'll notice, that's a passenger side knuckle in the pic above.
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