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Thrown Rod


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Aurora, CO
Aaaaarrrgh. 4 days back on the road and the 4 banger threw a rod while my son was driving it to work. Broke off just below the pin and punched a hole in the block as well as cutting the oil pan in two. I have the old short block from the swap and hope to get it done in about a week. I have sources for my rebuild kit but if you know of any particulary high quality places for a good price I'm willing to listen.
I have a 2.5L I just pulled to replace with a 4.7L stroker. It has 6000 miles on a fresh rebuild. It has a Mopar Stage III cam, Mopar springs and lifters. It has Clifford Headers and a 9lb Tri-County inertia ring. It runs like a top and I also converted from the crappy Carter YFA carb over to the throttle body injection. What a difference. I am in Loveland and I am asking $600. It also comes with a almost new high capacity radiator and A/C condensor if you want. At the time of rebuild, I also replaced the water pump, alternator, and power steering pump. If you are running a manual, it also has a new clutch and pressure plate.

Tom Houston
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