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San Antonio TX
...the former Quality Control Manager for Sterling Foods. Yup it was not what I expected and the family didn't like only seeing me for an hour a day, 6 days a week. So Saturday I quit. Timing was actually good since Eric T. was down visiting from Idaho. Now maybe I'll get the Jeep finished while I try to find another job.
John I knew those 10 hr days were too much for you.You need to start slow and work up.You were working only 15 min a day at the old job(jk)
Only 60 hrs last week
Beezil said:
jnj, after eric leaves, make sure you clean out your browser's history so the wife doesn't bust you.

funny Beezil, yeah john, do that, it might fix your problem you are having
Hunter-Lynchburg said:
i think the both of them might already be busted, i bet somewhere there is a picture of them walking hand in hand down the riverwalk at sunset


only in your fantasies