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The weirdest thing that you damged on the trail


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OK.... I am curious who else broke things they never expected to. I have broken off my zerk! I have never expected to have to deal with that!

What about the rest of you?

I broke my dash mtd toggle switch which locks 2d gear in or out...

Luckily 4 me it broke in the locked out mode as I was fixin to climb a pretty steep trail up a small mountain.

:doh: Which reminds me I need to swap that over to a push-pull switch on my console before Tellico.
I broke my pitman arm in 1/2. I just happened to have one and the puller and a pickle fork with me, so I was back on the trail in no time. I did it on a "poser" shot.
My CB antenna, forgot to put on my spring mount and a tree took it right off 10 minutes into Red creek 2002. I was out of the conversation loop real fast.
I've destroyed a few stock shifter knobs. Stuck in mudholes, doing some high-speed shifting....1st-reverse-1st-reverse-1st-reverse, etc....
Not really on the 'trail' (but was on a gravel driveway) Yesterday my hatch glass popped out :eek:

Luckily it didn't smash into smithereens

Kinda cool having 5-window AC tho...
I broke the tranny bellhousing on the way out to Moab two years ago. I believe it was already stress cracked from a previous accident, but when my rear driveshaft failed on the way (brand new TW shaft...), it broke the bellhousing into 5 pieces all around where the starter mounts.

I have broken a zerk (front of an LCA), A taillight (when I backed over my buddies flawless CJ-7), a towhook mount (ask me about properly mounting towhooks), a passenger seat (overwieght friends), and my carpet (swamp - 20 min, this is why I Rhino'ed the inside) that all the wierd stuff.


Oh....a drum brake spring, requiring me to do rear brakes in a hotel parking lot.
well I broke a tail light backing out of a tight trail spot, bent a tow hook, broke my drivers side bottom (smallest) leaf spring, and not really a "break" but I was whelling in the summer last year and it got so hot inside that a can of black spray paint on the floor board EXPLODED.....wife wasn't very happy with black paint all over a tan interior!!!:anon:
turned a goodyear wrangler rt/s to a white wall, busted the sidewall out on another one, frenched in a taillite, busted off the side step, crushed 3 bumper end caps all on daniel at uwarrie the same day on a 4mo old 99 TJ. one of most fun days wheeling.
Zerk on front driveshaft. Spun it right off in the rock garden at the T6 (whatever that is Ed) crossing at Deep Creek. It's magic though, it used to be 6mm, but now it's 1/4"x 20. LOL. BTW, this was prior to the work that th FS is doing (done yet?) now.
Power steering pressure hose deveolped a pin-hole leak while off-raod outside of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. It only sprayed fluid if I turned. The sharper the turn, the more it smoked. Mopar dealer search showed there was only one replacement in Western Canada, and it was in Vancouver, 500 miles away. Thankfuly, once back to pavement we were able to drive relatively straight.


'91 Laredo (no a/c), 4" Trailmaster w/ 31" T/As; Tru-Tracs front and rear; Warn x8000i on an Olympic bumper; Olympic dual tube rock rails; skid plates; custom paint just below the new "custom" 1/4 panel dent; JKS disconnects.
Hey - I remember that washing machine! - still have a scar on my passenger side rocker.

And seeing Chris' reply just reminded me as well of the scar on the top of my front clip, seems that it was once attached to a KY rear bumper corner! :D

....such warm memories of Attica.

Mike in NJ :patriot: