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The story of Beezil and Ted Z

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Recent events and misinterpreted jabs have brought to light an issue that I think needs addressed. On the net it is hard to get a feel for the manner in which something said is actually intended. Often what leaves one person's key board as a joke becomes sharp words that hurt or incense when they reach someone else's monitor. Such seems to have been the case in a recent Ted Z post (http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7944&perpage=15&pagenumber=1).
Several people jumped in to defend Beezil nearly causing both a war between the states and a racial riot in the process.

What some don't realize is how close these two kids really are.

Growing up in a small Mormon town a bit off the beaten path

Beezil and Ted Z are actually twin brothers of different mothers, though their lives have been very different.

Early on, it was plain to see that Beezil was very out going and (much to the disapproval of his parents) showed a desire for the flesh.

On the other hand, Ted (or Lil' Roy as he was sometimes called) had few friends and seemed to keep to himself most of the time.

This trend continued into early adolescence and while Ted genuinely tried to be more outgoing

it was still clear that Beezil had the Mojo.

As Beezil excelled in school and on the social scene, Ted floundered. Doctors and Psychiatrists alike pondered Ted's dysfunction. For many years Doctor's mistakenly thought that the problem lie in the boy's Mothers. Beezil's mom was the athletic type A personality

while Ted's mom was the more passive and lazy type, preferring her "me" time over family interaction.

This erroneous diagnosis and subsequent ineffective treatment only worsened Ted's strife. He tried to pattern himself after his successful brother and hold down a Job but it proved difficult, for while Beezil (on the right in this work time photo) had a career fighting for what he believed in

Ted could not hold even the most remedial job.

The best one could say about Ted is that he was always honest.

Though Beezil did have a dark side that few knew about (shown here in one of Chicago's gay pride parades)

and here in his version of running with the bulls,

Ted's life on the streets was even darker. Destitute, Ted bounced from shelter to shelter picking up a meal and whatever clothes could be spared.

It wasn't until a deep hypnosis session several years later in the prison Psych ward that Ted's problem was revealed. He had been incarcerated after having been fired from one of his many jobs. Ted had become angry when they let him go and stole the uniform. He went on a several day bender that led to his arrest. Seizing on Ted's arrest photo

an astute Doctor picked up on the root of Ted's problem.

Though few knew it had even happened, Ted’s childhood trauma was of epic proportions, and had scarred him for his many years.

With the proper diagnosis and treatment, Ted’s life began to improve. He was able to hold a job at the local Zoo for a time, though some of his medication made it hard for him to grasp all that went on around him.

As Ted continued on his treatment he was able to meet the girl he was to marry.

Even though he still had reservations when it came time to exchange vows,

things seemed to go better during the honeymoon. In fact, one could say Ted jumped right in to his husbandly duties.

While I would like to say all went well with Ted’s marriage, such was not the case. During a short relapse Ted’s wife ran off with his therapist. But there was good news as Ted (shown here at his low point)

Was able to make a full recovery. He now owns his own chain of stores in the Southeast US.

and is making a very good living.
He still remains very close to his twin brother Beezil who moved up north and opened his own business.

and is marketing his own scented candle line on the side.

The twins are reported to be very happy and still communicate daily right here on NAXJA, though sometimes their banter can and is misinterpreted. But no matter how sharp their comments may appear, those of us that know them can feel the love:smootch: .

I know this story probably made some want to

For those folks and for those that didn’t like it or that I offended all I can say is


Bones :skull1:
LMAO ....... ok... correction ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bones..... lemme guess... you're bored?

OMG!!! That was great!

I vaguely remember parts of that story, told some years ago around a camp fire up on Dead Horse park. I was not sure if it was true... the fatigue of piloting our jeeps around in the desert sun, then the beer around the campfire..... But seeing the story, and the pictures that go along with it do tend to make me believe that Beezils tale was indeed true.

Jeezus!!!! I really gotta quit checking out NAXJA while cruisin' around in my patrol car...... darn near wrecked it!!! Laughin' so hard I couldn't see thru the tears! My side hurts! Musta looked like a drunk driver!

Bones, you have a gift! Can't wait to see the "twins" replies to this!
:laugh: :roflmao: VERY VERY FUNNY!!! When I met Beez he tried to give me one of those candles :laugh3:.
Hell, he tried to get me to make the candles for him. Flowers is his main manufacturing guy though.

Ted, I need a couple thousand rounds already belted up for an MG42, hook a brutha up. Oh yeah, need some 1800 for the trip too.

Bones, you da man stan- you da man.


What a thing to wake up to on a early Sunday.

Just way to funny!

now THAT is what I call CREATIVE!

but I can't believe you decided to blow so many good funnypics on one post!
My GAWD!!!!......my sides hurt, my face hurts and im sniffling and wiping tears from my eyes. Good thing it was about you guys. Your senses of humor are excellent.

that was great, using all those pics was like watching the grand finale on the 4th.

now with this new information, alot more makes sense now
I now have to work on the jeep more and meet all you crackheads in MOAB, John
That made a bad night at work alot better!
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