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Thanks for participating in the Land Use Forum

Ed A. Stevens

NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
I just want to thank each of you who have posted and read the topics in the NAXJA Land Use forum.

The recent posts of issues by other NAXJA members and readers are great additions (even if the topic is a complaint). Keep it up, and do not hesitate to add information from your local media and land management agencies (local, state or federal management).

This nation wide participation and awareness of diverse issues that can impact motorized recreation should reinforce the concerns that all of us need to be concerned with more closures. The same issues impacting motorized recreation on federal public land out West are impacting state and privite land holdings in the East. The problems of reduced motor vehicle recreation opportunity is not just in California and Utah, it is present in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic states as well as the Mid-West and North-West.

Thanks for the help.
ed, I have to admit, I have not gotten over there in a great while!!!

and I haven't participated in any discussions on matters........which is shameful.

land use issues are important, and its excellent you keep that forum up-to-date and relevant....

a little favor?????

could you post a "get yer ass over there" every so often in this forum?

spankings would help too.