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Teralow question - input bearing and timing


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
So im helping a buddy with his teralow.

long story short, putting back together a good case, I know we must line up the timing marks.

But , I noticed with the input shaft that it seems like the bearing is a press fit. So I pressed on the front input bearing on the input shaft. Can anyone verify if this correct?

I am also learning that the planetaries wont go in unless all the timing marks are right.
It's been 20yrs since I did mine but there was nothing special or different from rebuilding a stock t-case!
Yeah I figured out the input shaft timing after swapping a new input gear(we had another teralow that had bad planetaries) . I also found a bad oil pump seal.

There was an insane amount of rust in this "new" to us ,used, teralow when we got it. I knew that was all bad, but we tried to clean the hell out of it.

After swapping all of those parts, I still have a clicking/clunking noise, its constant. The noise is consistent with the tcase spinning, we had it up on jack stands, is making noise in the case. Man I have no idea.

Wish we could post video here to show what Im dealing with.