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TC lower, front angle higher


NAXJA Forum User
My TC is lowered on my 85. Now that I look at it closly, the entire tranny lowers too. It pivots down making the rear DS angle better, while making the front DS angle worse. What's the benefit of making one angle better if it puts the front on more of a bind? Plus it hurts your ground clearance.
I have 5" of lift, I'm half tempted to take the spacers out? Has anyone had problems with clearance or scraping the crossmember with a lowered TC?
Unfortuanetly that is just the way it goes with a t-case drop. As long as you dont drop over an inch there shouldn't be any issues with binding.

A SYE is the "proper" way to resolve all your driveline angle/vibes etc. So use the T-Case drop as a band-aid till you can upgrade. Or just live with the driveline angles not being perfect. A lot of us do.