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Does anyone have detailed info on this conversion? My electric fan on my 95 xj sounds like a bag of beer cans when it kicks on and i'm just wondering if it's whorth it to make the conv. or replace with OEM. I know there's a million ways people have done this. I just want details, everywhere i look there's just pictures.
just a heads up I have not been able to make these damn things fit on my cherokee. I Tried lots of different ideas with no success. Good luck!
I saw gojeeps site. I guess i'll try to make it work.

Go Jeep's writeup is well documented but his XJ is a RHD model.
It is different than your LHD model, the major difference being the steering box location.
I'm running into issues with my Taurus Fan Conversion. I just bought a HD 3core radiator and its ever so slightly bigger than my stock Radiator and now I'm running into clearance issues. The space between the fan and radiator and the fan and motor....

The wiring is perfect ran into the cab with two switches and running off of two relays.
I had a taurus fan and I took it out. It pulled plenty of air but took up too much space and it was a major pita to install. I am now running the 3 fan setup from Fluid Flow Dynamics along with their radiator and shroud kit and I couldn't be happier with it.