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Sye driveshaft angles


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Im all F^#*ed up transfer case is on a 1 inch drop -4*. Driveshaft angle is at 15* the pinion angle is at 11* with a 4* shim, however the shim looks like it is half inch longer then the spring perch, so the fattest part is not lifting the pinion. I want to toss the TC drop and that will steepen the driveshaft angle.
If I get a bigger shim for the pinion, will this change the pinion angle only or the driveshaft angle as well? I suck at math! How do you add to find what shim size when the pinion goes up in degress and the driveshaft lowers? Any idea how much a 1" TC drop will add to the driveshaft angle?
measure at the TC where yolk slides in with a 1"tc drop it should be at about 7 degrees, then check the yolk on pinion should be within 2 degrees of TC, shim accordingly. I think I would pull the shim out from under spring perch and see what you come up with,hope this helps..