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SX's and T/A KO's for sale


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I have two sets of tires for sale. First...4 33X10.50X15 BFG T/A KO's on 15X8 AR 767's (5 on 4.5) with no specaial backspacing. The rims and tires were purchased at the same time about two months ago, and the tires have aobut 200 miles on them. The rims have the center caps, chrome valve stems, and the weights are all on the inside of the rim. The tires have seen a gravel road once, and no dirt. I bought them from Tires Plus, have the receipt, and I JUST BOUGHT THEM! I'm selling my Jeep, and was GIVING both sets of tires with it, but the seller DIDN'T WANT them! So they are for sale. Set two...4 32X11.50X15 Super Swamper TSL SX's on 15X10 AR 767's (5 on 4.5) and have no special offset either. The tires are two years old, and have only seen pavement once on a one-way trip wheelin (I got trailered home). The 15X10's were purchased at the same time as well and are scratched and have some surface rust from chipped/missing paint. These tires are not balanced, and only once have they had more than 6psi in them. There are no nails, punctures, or patches on either set. PM me if at all interested, and let me know what you think is fair. I will split rims/tires provided on the circumstances. Thanks!
UPDATE: The BFG's and rims are sold. The Swampers are still available though. I'll split shipping for a decent offer. I was thinking the $550 ballpark...
Ok. I have a buyer for the 15X10 rims. Anybody interested in just the TSL's? I'm willing to negotiate. I need to get these things out of here.