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Swamper LTB 34x10.5 or BGF 35x 12.5 W/7" lift


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I have a '90 xj with (soon to be) just over 7" of lift, my 32's are dead, so I need new meats for the new lift. Will be adding 2" spacers to my existing 4.5" RE springs & 1" spacer, blocks and new shackles in the rear, maybe new shocks (fenders are cut w/ TJ flares on)
Originally I wanted TSL SX 33x12.5, but those BFG MTs 35x12.50 are sure tempting. Is a good compromise the Swamper LTB 34x10.50?
I know I am going to need some bumpstopping, and additional trimming, but will the 35's fit decent after some work?
Anyone running the LTB's? I hear they are a great tire & CHEAP? How about the "Skinney Look"?
I run a 33x10.5 BFG AT. Just replace 33x10.5 Swamper Radials that were wasted. I have 6.5" of lift. With a little fender triming you could fit 35". Or just replace the front coils with Rock Krawler 6.5" coils that give 7" of lift with a 3/4" spacer. You will need front bump stops and rear bump stops. The shackle is fine in the back. As for the LTB 34x10.5 swampers. I would stay away from them, just because mine is a daily driver and they are LOUD, and will wear very fast on the highway. You could use the 33x10.5 Radials. I loved them but could wait for shipping to get another set with two tires out of commission. A 35" BFG doesn't measure 35", look up the real size of bfgoodrichtires.com and check out intercotires.com for the Swamper true sizes. Juice
Not a daily driver XJ, other reasons you don't like the LTB's? or since the 35" could fit would you recomend them?
I thought about getting the skyjacker 8" springs, I'll check out the RocKrawlers though.
juicexj24 said:
I run a 33x10.5 BFG AT.

Have you got any pics of your front fenders?I still havent been able to keep mine from rubbing,I did a little trimming under the flair!

BTW,thanks for the ARB solenoid.Got the fitting local and the new D44 with ARB and Disc Brakes is almost done!
Rockkrawler springs are $99 pair, RE 5.5" are $150 pair, Skyjackers page is down but if memory serves me about $180 pair. Why Krawler so much less? anyone running them? Good Spring?
I have some but still haven't tried to post a pic here, the top of the TJ flares (rear TJ flares front & rear) are even with the crease in the side, used stock metal plates & self tapping sheet metal screws to tighten it up all the way, my 32's don't rub & the fit of the TJ flare, if care and effort is used, can be very good.
No problem. Glad the ARB solenoid works for you.
The Rock Krawler coils are nice coils that several people on the board run. Stroker and CHW come to mind. I know CHW has had his for awhile and they haven't sagged. I have had from many a person that Skyjackers sag. Rubicons aren't tall enough for what you need.
I'm just not a fan of bias ply tires, I think the BFG MT's are the way to go or Goodyear MTR's as well. Again just my thoughts. Juice
My rig with 6" RE lift and LTB's...

They're cheap, sticky and very effective when wheelin! :thumbup:





Oh, did I mention that I run these tires during my commute to work with a 60 miles round trip. :)
Thanks for all the info!
I think for now, with the chassis stiffner & frame slider/plate, RE drops & I guess new RKrawl springs, RE HD trac bar & others, the 34's fit my budget the best for now.