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Suspension bolt sizes


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Anyone know the sizes for all the front suspension bolts on a 90 xj? I am replacing all the bushings and would like to upgrade to grade 8 hardware and need to know what to get.:dunno:
lower control arm bolts are 120mm long, M14x2.0mm, ISO Property Class 10.9. The stock ones are roughly equivalent to grade 8.

Uppers are... I want to say M10 or M12 but I am not sure, same PC10.9 bolts, just as good as grade 8. In fact all the critical stuff and even a lot of the noncritical stuff on an XJ is PC10.9 already.
The LCA bolts are m14x2.0x110mm (leaf bolts are 120mm)

The UCA bolts on the frame are "flag bolts" (a tab on the head) that prevents the bolt from spinning when the nut is turned. The UCA bolts on the axle are M10x1.5x80mm.

Call the dealer and ask for prices, seems to vary a lot between a couple of dollars and ten-plus dollars for different pieces of the hardware. I went to the junkyard and found some low-mileage WJs with clean hardware and got some more from one of the NAXJA goodfellows
you can use some regular M10 bolts, but expect to lose a socket in the frame rail.

There's two 13mm sockets in the drivers side of the MJ, but macguyver told me that when I do the floors I get them back.
^^^ this man speaks the truth :smsoap:

for what it's worth, I rescued my 13mm impact socket with a coathangar wire and a strong magnet... put a hook in the wire, dragged it up till I could snag it with the magnet.

I wouldn't have needed to screw around with it, but I had to use a socket on the darn thing to get it out of the bushing, it was pretty badly rusted like everything else on my MJ.