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Strippers on my XJ.


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Uvalde, Texas
Now that i've got your attention. When I turn on my a/c I don't get any cold air. Do I need freon? Could this be the a/c compressor? Also, When the a/c switch is set to max and normal it blows air, but as soon as you accelerate you hear a screaching sound upfront. It sounds horrible. within a couple of minutes of acceleration this sound goes away and it again continues to blow just "air". Has anyone had this problem? I'm going to go get my a/c checked later this morning. All Opinions Are Welcome.
The screeching is most likley the belt slipping on the compresser pully. I am guessing that it will be shot (there not cheep new), or it could be as simple as the belt isn't tight enough. The way you decribe it's acting I gessing the compresser is locked up, and the low pressure cut out is disengaging the cluch because it's not pumping.