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Stonyford OHV 6/1/24


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NAXJA Member
I know everyone should be going to Reno this weekend but we are going trailer camping. So, I am planning on going and exploring Stonyford OHV on 5/31-6/2. Going to try to be in the Davis Flat/South Fork/Fouts/Mill Creek campground complex, looks like it all runs together and we will grab the first spot we see.

It doesn’t look like rock crawling or anything super tough but we are going to check it out anyway.

Download the Stonyford Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guide on Avenza maps and join us if you want. Will have the StellaFTH4 buggy and Firestorm trailer.
What a great weekend! Cooler than the valley, saw some great scenery, had a good campfire.

The rock buggy wasn’t really challenged on anything I found but we did our best side by side impression on the dirt roads. There was one “black diamond” trail we went down but would have been cool going up. Just didn’t point us the right way back to camp.

If we go back, we’ll probably try Little Stony campground.
got pics?
The uploaded file is too large!

One side-of-the-road picture and a few scenery shots is all anyway. If you can get out and take a picture, it’s not worth a picture after all.