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Starting my XJ Buildup


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I ordered my parts today to lift my cherokee and get it ready to offroad. I ordered them from Jared at The Jeep Outfitters in Flushing, Michigan. Check him out on the web if you haven't heard of them. They are the best Jeep place around. www.thejeepoutfitters.com . I ordered a 6 inch full traction long arm kit, SYE and CV driveshaft, ARB safari snorkel, and allied rockathon daytona beadlocks. Yesterday I got a cobra cb and firestick antannae from my mom for a b-day present. I will also be getting an 8.8 rear axle (looking for one...see my ad in the wanted section) I cant wait to get the parts in and get her lifted. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I have to get rid of my wrangler so the cherokee buildup came a little sooner than expected. If anyone wants (although there aren't many TJ drivers on here I think) I am selling my 4 inch full traction lift kit, hardtop and hoist, and my old 15 x 10 unique chrome modular wheels if anyone is interested. I will be taking everything off this weekend. I will be sure and post before and after pics of the XJ buildup when it gets started.
congratulations on your puchase...

what makes jeepinoutfitters the BEST? cuse you odered from them once?

why sell the FT 4" for the TJ? Why not make it work for the XJ? the front half + a new bellypan = 4" front end lift on the XJ...
What makes them the best? Well lets start from the beginning. I bought my Wrangler from them last August. I bought it stock and bought my full traction 4 inch kit, my bumpers and steps, rims and tires, and a whole bunch of little stuff from them since then. I have gotten the best deals from them and the best service..... always top notch. That is why I went back to them to purchase all of this stuff for my cherokee. Don't believe me? Give them a call for your next order of parts for your rig. They will get you the best deal shipped to your door..... guaranteed. They are local for me but have done business throughout the country. The website is not complete yet so if you need to order something give them a call. You wont be dissatisfied. As for using the front of the kit I already have.... I have a friend that is gonna buy the kit from me most likely.... as a whole. Also I wanted the full traction long arm kit. It looks like a great kit and I have heard nothing but great things about it. I would rather spend a little money right now and get the long arm kit I want then to make the front of my old kit work and figure out something for the rear.
Well since nobody here has heard of them (unless you are on michiganjeepers) I will tell a little history. They started off as Five Star Auto.... a used car dealership specializing in jeeps and accesories (hence the reason I got my jeep there). They are based in Flushing, Michigan. As they grew and needed more space they decided to open The Jeep Outfitters on the back of there lot. The Jeep Outfitters is an offroad acessorie store with a shop and full showroom. The Grand Opening of The Jeep Outfitters is actually May 21st but they have been in the business of selling parts and accesories for several years now through five star auto. If any of you are thinking of ordering from them do a search for threads mentioning them on michiganjeepers forum. You will not be dissappointed ordering from them. Everyone their drives jeeps and much of their lives revolve around their jeeps and jeeping. As of right now I have been so satisfied with them that I refuse to take my business anywhere else.
It is my second XJ... my first one was my first car. A two door 91. I have not had a lifted XJ yet but have had my wrangler lifted for almost a year. Why do you say this? Do they flip a little easier then a wrangler would? I will be cautious out on the trail if this is so.
i would be cautious on the trails regardless of what youre driving. i think XJ's are MORE stable on the trails than wranglers due to their wheelbase. but any lifted rig is more likely to tip than a stocker.