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Stanton Stickers - Help us get the last of 'em sold!


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Thank you to all of you that have purchased the stickers, and Rev Den for selling a few more at Winterfest!

The Arizona and Utah guys really stepped up to the plate on this. We even sent stickers to Germany, Canada, and Barrow, Alaska. Many, many thanks guys!

So far, we've raised $1200 to be able to donate to COHVCO in Seth's honor and help with the effort to dedicate a trail to fallen soldiers.

We still have about 90 stickers left and we'd REALLY like to get them gone. If you're just not interested in them for the $10 we've been asking for them, send us an amount you feel is fair! Anything we can donate for this effort is appreciated!

Please click this link and get your stickers! :thumbup: :patriot:

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