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Squatty XJ


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Hi, I have a '97 XJ with a RC 6.5" long arm kit installed. I run 33's with fender trim and have the thing loaded down with so much stuff that the rear end squats. Heavy bumpers, RTT, full camping drawer system in the back, etc... I wanted to see if anyone had advice on the best way to beef up my rear end. Should I add a leaf, new leafs, other options? Thank you for the help!



leaf springs OEM? go with a full leaf pack if you can. RE has a good combo of lift and flex IMO, but you may need stiffer with all the weight. shackle setup OEM?
Do you currently have shackle relocation boxes? They can allow you to add about 1" of lift in the rear. Then depending on shackle length you can fine tune the amount of lift in the rear.
If you by chance have SRBs and have your shackles laid back, the rear can be stiffened just by making the shackle more vertical. Otherwise, an add-a-leaf will be a cheap option, but may not ride as well as full leaf pack. Deaver or Alcan both specialize in custom leaf spring packs.