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Spacers and shackles


NAXJA Forum User
Hey everyone, was lookin to see if anyone had 2" spacers and shackles that they are willing to sell...please let me know
i have a couple 2 inch pacers u can have if u wanna come get em.. i think i have 2 u-bolts too ull need to get 2 more. no shackles though
djrethoret, If he is talking about coil lift spacers and not wheel spacers I will take those 2" Wheel Spacers off your hands. I am running 32s on stock wheels and I have all kinds of rubbing. Lol
I'm sure they arent wheel spacers. no one gives those away for free. too expensive! Pm Brandoson i think he has a set of coil pucks. I may have a set of 2" shackles laying around.
yeah they are actually lift blocks i sent you a PM they are a bad idea, i didnt have any problems when i ran them (this set is brand new) but the reason i had 2 sets is because they can brake on you. coil spacers are really cheep new at 4wheelparts i think like 40 bucks and they are pro comps u might just take a look at that your still gonna rub like a mother on just 2 inches of lift and 32's