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Sorry, lost a couple posts....

F. F.

RELAX, this is the WEB
Been very busy on this end. Seems somebody in Israel has an issue... been going at it since the attack was noticed. A few more bumps here and there, but we are keeping our heads above water. :)

Hope *somebody* is having fun today.. 16 hours in front of a little console so far..... :eek:
Thanks. Time.... whats that? hehehe

During the slow down, the Network Tecks needed us to drop the firewall briefly to eliminate that as the problem.... even though I insisted it was not.

During that brief period of time, access was gained, and backdoors where insrted. Most where found, and eliminated. But as a security precaution, the main hard drive was whiped, and restored. That is really the only way to be sure the backdoors are completely gone.

We do complete backups, so data loss is very minimal.

The security measures where then put back in place. It will go down one more time for a reboot when the new kernel is compiled. That should be shortly.

Many hours where spent tracking the point of entry, as well as the assholes IP's. Pardon my language... long day. I expect the machine to go down again within 10-15 minutes..... and then reboot.

You guys sould all be out having fun anyhow. Some of us stay glued to monitors and bang our heads.
Great job on getting things back up.....was begging to get worried b/c it had been down so long. Is there anything you can do to the guys who did it?
I was starting to go thru Jeep Cherokee withdraws:banghead: :cry: I'm OK now....:)
Sure, you just didn't like my last few posts. I also had a private message and no one ever sends me private messages. :)

I do appreciate all the work the web team puts in. I would have been tempted to say screw it an forget about it for a while.

Your the best. :loveu:
Good job outta you, can we go beat this idiot up for you???, I can put him in the same cell as the moron who just blew away a 200gb data partition by swapping in a new raid controller.....my turn to beat my head against the wall today..........argh.:mad: