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Son of a frickin' gun (only he didn't say frickin) No Bus, starts


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Well, after doing some of the initial testing as found on the interwebs (remove,clean, reinstall the guage cluster/and check fuses in power distribution block) I decided to knuckle down and follow the diagnostics instructions in section 8E of the FSM. I get to item (7) reinstall cluster and see if parking brake actuated warning light is lit. As I'm putting the gauge cluster back in, number one (14 year old) son says, and I quote "That's going to fix it right?" To which I reply, "Well it better not, I've pulled and replaced the cluster a couple times now, nothing should have changed."


Yep, on what was probably the 4th time in and out, the gauges now work. Resulting in hilarity and a couple "toldya so's" from kid that is already too smart by far.

Back in my computer hardware geek days I referred to the process of pulling and reseating boards "dealing with an attention deficit discorder". Apparently my '99 XJ had a severe case of attention deficit. As in it just needed a quadruple dose of attention.

To all that have the "no bus" but starts problem, I heartily recommend following the FSM, so you're not just grasping at straws. And who knows, maybe a little TLC will resolve the issue. Oh, and you'll also learn how to remove the headlight switch knob so that removing the instrument panel becomes a slice of pie. FSM - they're a good thing.


P.S. After gauges start working, 12 yr old number 2 son says, and again I quote "Dad, you need a beer now, right?" Love my boys...