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Some people ...


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... should not be allowed to own a Jeep.

In fact, SOME morons should not be allowed to even touch a Jeep.

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper this evening. As some of you know, the '88 XJ I've been refurbishing for a friend out west had a non-functioning fuel gauge. After eliminating other possibilities and examining the forensic evidence that suggested the previous owner had dropped either the tank or the fuel pump (or both), this evening I finally bit the bullet and dropped the tank to examine the sending unit.

Sure enough, I found a wire disconnected -- inside the tank. "Great," I think, "for once an easy fix." Plug the connector back on the terminal, tests good with multitester, replace module in tank and start to reinstall tank in vehicle.

And as I reach over to put the nut on the passenger side tank hanger, I feel something wet. Oh, oh. Sure enough, the reason the moron had the tank down is that he had punched a hole in it and tried to epoxy it. Screwed up the sending unit, cut the wires when there was a factory connector a foot away that he could have unplugged ... and didn't get the leak fixed.

I am not a happy camper. :(
so whats your plan of attatck?

I still have my 88 sender/pump which you are welcome to.....

4wd hardware used to/still may carry xj steel tanks for 85 bucks.....
I guess I'm going to siphon the remaining varnish out of the '87 parts XJ and swap in the tank from that. Although $85 for a NEW tank sounds very attractive. Hmmm ...
My Pops bought on from Four wheeldrive hardware for 50 bucks for his 49 willys...