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Some General 20th anniversary info

Alright! Time to get serious about October now. Thanks for getting this up Webteam.
This year will be bigger and better judging by everyone making plans and everything going into it already! It's gunna be cool 8) Thanks in advance!
Moab 2003

Well you can believe this or not, but Shelly and I will be there this year. Yeah, Yeah, I know, We said we would be there last year and the year before and did not make it, but not only will Shelly and I be coming up with our rig this year, but my son Jared will be coming along as well. He finally sold his Toyota pickup and bought a "95" XJ. It is sporting an 8" RockReady lift, 33's, Dana 44 locked, etc. etc... I can't let my boy go without me, for he will never let me forget it. We are looking forward to seeing you all. Thanks to all of you that are making this event happen.

I'm taking bets on whether Keith and Shelly will show or not :twisted:

Lookin' forward to seeing/wheeling with you guys again.

Hey Sean Buddy, how you doing? This bet will be very close, with our record of 2 for 2. Colorado "99", Moab 2000. I have already started getting things together for Moab 2003. There will be no excuse for us to miss this year. I hope that the penalty for missing the last two events is not kitchen detail! We are looking forward to wheeling with you all again. See you in Moab!

Ouch! Disregard the previous reply about our record of 2 for 2, it is really 2 out of 4. My real reason for this post is to find out if there is a problem with the members only site, or has the password been changed? I tried it several times and could not get in. Any help would be greatly appreciated..........

I'm going to say that I'm not coming and see if reverse psychology works. My XJ doesn't require any work this year, for the first time in forever...but we are adding a baby XJ'er to the brood in late August...so who knows? Pretty much everytime Casper cancels that ends up doing it for me, too, so maybe it's his fault.

Needing a Moab Fix Long Before October
Hello Dave. We will be there this year for sure. Heck I gotta show up so I can drive home my new XJ after winning it in the raffle!!:D We sure hope to see you and yours at Moab.