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Sidecar motorcycle


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Denver Colorado

I've never been a huge motocycle fan but I've always had a thing for sidecar bikes..

Especially the old military style ones... Flat green..

I don't know a thing about them.. partly because I have no clue where to start... anyone share this strange sickness? possibly know where to direct me to find outlets for surplus military vehicles?
Not sure about suplus but HD makes new ones, cost around $25K. There was a british company that was importing russian built ones that were exact replicas of the WWII german BMW's. The russians captured the plant intact and never changed it in over 40 years, just kept producing them as is. They left the models so much unchanged that the side cars had the holes and brackets for the pintle mounted MG34 and ammo boxes on the side car mounted ones that were imported here. I saw maybe 10 of them and rode a couple. Underpowered 30's era engine. The part that we really laughed about was that they all came in olive green or flat gray so they all pretty much had to be repainted. I know all the ones he got he sold to some movie vehicle supply company at a tidy profit. He later died and his son took over and sold the business, they were a honda, yamaha dealer then but before that he use to be a greeves, bultaco, hodaka, triumph, BSA and I lost touch with the son, the dealer was Hank Slegers in Dover NJ, I understand they moved to Sparta NJ but thats about it.
As for finding an Indian or HD, fat chance on that. The ones that were not bought as surplus and chopped have all pretty much been found and restored. A military vehicle association might have some for sale by members or Hemmings motor news might have a listing or two..
Hi, my name is Brent, and I'm addicted to old motorcycles. This week I had a relapse when I found a 68 Bultaco in an old guy's barn and bought it for $200 cash. My wife says if I don't get this under control, she's going to leave me, and... :laugh3:

In a word: replicas. There's just no way to get the real thing without a huge amount of luck or lots of dough. (Damn that Jay Leno!) There's a fella up here who has built several replicas of older bikes out of bicycles, antique parts and modern motors. He's often seen driving around on them and people assume they are the real deal, but every one is a fake. No matter though, they look and sound ultra cool, even to those with real know-how. My next project will be a replica of a turn of the century bicycle-style bike. I have an early 70's Honda 125 enduro that is trashed, but its motor will make an excellent donor to the bike. Endless fun, almost as much as jeepin! :gag:
Im also addicted, I have 9 bikes right now, from street rockets to cruiser, to motto cross bikes, quads, and even a 60s Vespa.. I buy most of my toys used for cheap and fix them up to were they are better than new, God I love people that cant work on things.. When I was over in Turkey a couple of years ago, they had BMWs, Mersades, and many other differnt types with side cars for cheap and in really good condition, if I would have been able to bring it back I would have bought a couple of them
RichP said:
THATS the one, cept you can get them in colorsnow I guess...

Thanks after I posted that I went out and the URAL was the first thing I found... suffice to say I must ride one now...

I've never owned a motorcycle before and this one seems like a fun cruiser with some offroad ability... if you get the gearup or the patrol you get 2WD for some sidecar wheelin :)

It's got a low top speed of 65 and it's stable so I probably won't kill myself learning to drive in inclement weather..

I believe I will pursue this and post up when I get some more concrete info on maintenance and upgrades... trail use.. clubs etc....

It would be really cool to ride this to a campsite/trail and do some light trails in it.... maybe even use it as a support vehicle to retrieve spares from the campsite and bring them up to broken/stuck rigs or go to town for parts or transport your spotter... maybe mount a little winch on it for when I get it stuck :p

Too cool. :D
I drove the 'gear up' one, notice the mount on the front of the sidecar :D Only this one has fancier handlebars and trim. The ones I drove looked like they belonged in an army motorpool....but then they have had over 12 years to improve it, also alot of the parts are interchangable with BMW's :D :D :D

Almost forgot, notice that it has wire wheels :D another good skill to learn, how to true them up after a few rocks and deep potholes...so invest in a good tire repair kit with high quality tire irons...
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Ural does seem to be about the cheapest but still decent quality. I'm not a motorcycle guy but have a buddy with the Ural Tourist model. He really likes it and I've ridden in the sidecar a few times. It's not overly fast but has enough power for what it is. If I was ever to get a bike, I'd probably look into a Patrol as it's practical and would be ideal for camping/fishing. The fit and finish is not perfect, think '50s era VW aircooled. Solid and reliable, but with it's own set of quirks.

IF you're ever in St. Louis I could hook you up with a ride as my buddy is fanatical about the bike and tries to get everybody to get one. But then I really like my VW Thing and feel everyone should have one of those :) The MJ with real heat in the Winter is better than all.

- JP
not a bike guy, but how the f-150 coils working out for you?