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Service Manual


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Hi everyone!

I am looking for a 95 Cherokee Sport service manual. I went to the dealer and he said to call the 800 number in my car manual, the one that came with the car. I can't find a number on it, in it, or around it! Anyone know where I can buy one at, new or used?


I think I saw a link in a recent post. you might try, if you have not already, a search with FSM.

I was at my local dealer and they had a couple of them on their shelf for a 96 for sale. Your dealer was unable or unwilling to get one for you?
It seems that they where unwilling. Come to think of it he was kinda short with me about it. It was a guy in the service parts department. I guess they don't like that, they want you to take your car in.
I'll do a search also. I always forget to do that before I post a question.

Thanks, GSequoia :)


I called DC about 2 years ago and ordered a set for my 91...think I paid about $70. I believe the number is 1-800-626-1523. Theyre pretty handy to have around.
I have a 97 this is all that I can find at tech auth......1997 JEEP TEVES ABS?LL MODELS doesnt look right?
service manual

My 90 wasn't listed on the website for a manual - but they had it when I called.

I used the number on the techauthority website. They shipped when they said they would. Good service.