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See ya'll next time...

Fore Wheeler

MWC President
NAXJA Member
It was a great event again this year, filled with great people and great vendors. Free camping, Yeti Cooler raffle, free FRS's, awesome pot luck, awesome wheeling and a great banquet with an awesome raffle.

A quick last thank you to, Iron Rock Offroad for being our event sponsor, Logans Metal Products for your donations, Preston Farms for donating cash towards the purchase of the FRS radios, Ares Fab for attending and club support, HD Offroad for donations and club support (and your smiling fuzzy face), Smash Hole Motorsports for your donations and club support. As well as all the NAXJA vendors that weren't in attendance that make this event happen.

Thank you to all the trail leaders, help and support from those members that went above and beyond.

Thank you to all the members that attended the event and made it all possible. Without you, the member, we would have nothing.

Every year we, the BOD, attempt to make each event better than the last, and I hope that we can keep that up for 2016!! We have listened to your concerns and we will do everything to address them and make every attempt to make the 2016 event run smoothly.

Enjoy your summer, see ya'll in March!!

Dan Wheeler
MWC President