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Mount Holly, NJ
I just picked up 5 almost new 36x12.5x16.5 Super Swampers from a buddy about to PCS. It seems that he and a buddy each purchased a set, then his buddy PCS'd (moved away) and left them at his house. One case of beer later they're mine :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

No clue what I'm gonna do with them yet, but at least they're mine.

Had to tell someone... :laugh3:
Wow nice score. Sell them and buy something useful! Thats how I earn all my modification money. Buy used crap and re-sell on Ebay. I have earned quite a bit.
Rev Den said:
And to think....that gives you 2 spares.


Never forget.


I was gonna say, I hear those 16.5s are hard to keep on the rims
Thanks for the replies MWC Knuckleheads. :cheers:

I probably won't go above the 33's I have now, but you never know...it was one of those dont have a use, but cant pass up deals...

Since I'm still DD'ing my Heep, the tires will probably be sold, but you never know :D

Isn't that the sizes humvee's use? Better call the motorpool NCOIC to see if any tires went missing

... just kidding.

Don't call.
John, Good for you. Nice to come along deals ya just cannot pass up. :)

To the NAXJA User;
What, exactly is your point?

funvtec said:
Sarge said:
I suspect...humor.

Cool deal BTW. Sounds like how I got motorcycle parts for a few years.


you got it it was meant to be funny, some people are just too serious
funvtec said:
you got it it was meant to be funny, some people are just too serious

No, just wanted to be sure what you meant is all.