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Say "NO", to Crack


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Lawrenceburg, TN
David Parker on the Golden Crack. I've never seen it done this way. He wasn't content to just cross it the usual way. Had to turn left and drive up it. Located on the Gold Bar Rim Trail, Moab. We also had to hook up three winches and LIFT him out!
Scott Mac. said:
Looks like he missed the line.
How'd you guys free up that tire?

No kidding, how'd that tire get in there? You weren't the one spottin him were you Danno?

I wasn't spotting him

David drove across the Crack and then turned around and decided to straddle it and drive out the top. He never really got that tire up out of the crack and onto the lip. Probably way too much articulation. That piece of crap was REALLY surprisingly good in Moab terrain. We had to hook three winches to get him out as he was really jammed under that ledge. One of the other guys in a Yoter (Toyota pickup) was able to drive right up to the top and make the turn out. wider wheelbase width wise was the key.