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Rusty's Weekly Sale Items - 3/16/2010


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Rusty's Weekly Specials!
These specials are for a limited time only.

XJ 4.5" Coils (pair)

Rusty's TJ Rocker Armor

TJ Steering Box Brace

ZJ Tow Hook Kit

We will also be participating in the current ARB Air Locker Promotion:
Free Micro Compressor with ARB Air Locker purchase or
Free High Output Compressor and Air Up Kit with purchase of 2 ARB Air Lockers!

Bushwacker is offering a rebate on their Flat Flares thru 6/30/2010.
In all seriousness.... if you have weekly specials, why don't you have weekly posts? Seems like you sometimes go two to six weeks between "weekly specials" posts?
They might not have XJ items on sale EVERY week. Seeing as this is an XJ/MJ site and all. Just a thought. Might not be right though.
Hey Guys-

I'm Scott, the webmaster for Rusty's, and I'm the one that posts these sales. Rusty has been busy trying to get some new staff in so we did miss a few weeks of updates. Rusty tells me what to put up for a special and then I post those up on the various forums we support. I don't know that Rusty follows the forums all that much as it seems he's on the phones helping customers whenever I try to get a hold of him. I'll try to name the posts something other than 'Weekly' from here on out. Thanks for the support.