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Rustys Sucks


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Lilburn, Georgia
I know I used to defend Rustys, but now I think they suck. I ordered some helper springs March 20th, and just got them today, being May 13th. Good god! They kept giving me the run-a-round, saying they shipped it, wtf? It took almost 2 months to receive them. Damnit man.
i agree they have problems with their shipping, it took the a month to get my order right, i got two crossmembers in steed of a crossmember and a driveshaft, and it took them anouther month to get me the dropped pitman arm and ubolts for my kit. but after i got everything i was very happy with it all
yeah, i still love their stuff, but i cant wait a month every time i need something, so im thinking about Rock krawler stuff, know much about them? have they rocovered from that bad suspension malfunction, that left a guy almost dead?
Shoot, I'll stick up for Rustys. Ordered a set of bumpstops last week, they arrived 3 days later ( told me it would be 5 days). I also ordered some shackles from them a couple years ago and also received them within a couple days. Rustys seems to be hit or miss with their shipping, but so far they've been good to me.
i heard something about their 3(or 4link whtever you wanna call it) link breaking off on a guy(rokkrawler), on the highway, and he was in the hospital for a long time, and supposedly under new management since then. thats just what ive heard.
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Yeah Rustys supplies me with almost all of my parts. I live about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Sometimes I drive, sometimes I have him ship it. Most of the time the parts make it to my house overnight but I have had a couple of problems with them giving me the run-a-round on the shipping. He has a huge facility on his own property with more jeeps and project trucks then you can imagine, but the funny thing about it is his family runs the whole thing. His wife and daughter are the receptionists and his sons do the fabricating. I think sometimes he runs it like it is a mom and pop business. All in all though I think it is worth waiting for the parts becuase of the awesome prices he has.
I've done some business with Rusty, and to be fair, overall I've been satisfied.
However, I ordered a TJM rear bumper setup from him a year or so ago and needed two minor parts to complete the full install. After atleast 10 long distance phone calls (some overseas...some stateside) over an 8 month period that yielded blame on TJM, empty parts replacement promises...long story short....I decided to deal direct with TJM to get parts from Australia to fix the problem - the TJM folks (Ryan) were outstanding. Sounds like a minor concern, but it reflects upon Rusty's business approach/philosophy, which I do not trust entirely.

My advice is give Rusty's business as needed, but if you can get the product and price you need/desire through a reliable and customer-oriented vender/co. - then IMHO do that. I kept this in mind with my recent airlocker and gear installs....thought about Rusty's but chose other companies....
no complaints, never had a problem. But, how do I submit a name for the pinup girl on their website? ;-)

Just plain bad...