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Rustys HD Trac-Bar Package

how much lift do you have or want to have? when i did mine, i went with just the RE trackbar, after a few months i was SICK of all the noise form the mount! BANG! BANG!, i could not get the RE HD trackbar and frame mount fast enough!!

So, yes, you should get the mount.
I just got this set up (used for $40) without the brace. I have no first hand knowledge of the brace, and cant say I have hear huge raves about it. Instead of the brace I am planning on some sort of backing plate like the C-Rok or the mounting system for a Rigco bumper that incorporates the steering mount. I wouldnt think there is alot of movement of the steering box in the direction that brace would compensate for. for the most part I have heard the failure usually comes at the 3 bolts thru the "frame". but that is just an opinion for what its worth.