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Rusty's Brake Line Extension


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I recently purchased a brake line extension kit from Rusty's Offroad. What they sent me was a little bag that has 2 small metal brackets, 1 large metal bracket amd 3 bolts. I'm not sure how this is supposed to extend the brake lines. Anyone buy the same kit? Am I missing some parts? How do I install this thing?
Got the same thing as part of the 4.5" lift. They are basically brake line "drop" brackets. They shift the brake lines down for a little more freedom of movement when the axle droops. If your jeep is a daily driver, should be ok. If you are doing any "hardcore" offroading, you may want to check out some extended brake lines.
Rusty never ceases to amaze me. He had send me the same brackets when I got my kit. What you are supposed to do with them is what martianxj suggested, use them as drop brackets to move your flexible brake lines a bit down. However, after looking at them for some minutes, trying to figure out what the heck they were, I decided that they wouldn't serve their purpose, so I ended up ordering a set of stainless braided lines from him. Sure enough they arrived about 15 days later, and the eyelet which screws on the caliper was missing from one of them. Another 15 days later, I had my brake lines done!

JNG 92XJ said:
Am I missing some parts? How do I install this thing?

1. Remove bag from shipping box

2. Carry bag across garage to trash receptacle

3. Raise lid and deposit bag in trash receptacle

4. Close lid firmly

Seriously, those "extensions" are junk. They require you to bend the front hard lines, which is inviting them to crack and leak, plus it puts the connection to the hose lower and more in harm's way, and they don't provide enough additional length to be very useful anyway.

Send 'em back to Rusty and buy longer hoses. Do it once, do it right.