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Ruby on the 5th


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Swansboro, CA
I’m going to be poking around from the Tahoe side on the Rubicon on the 5th with my bro who will only be in town briefly so we are just going to go up and check it out. We may not go much past Cadillac. Think low key. I don’t even have rocker protection. If you wanna join us for the afternoon let me know.
Will your bro be riding with you? I'd like to head out there after Gold Lake, but the MJ is completely stock and I'd rather just ride with someone. Do you know how far it is from Gold Lake?
My jeep will probably be full, bro and his kids but I think your tuck can do this part of the trail just fine I did most of the section from Tahoe to Cadillac hill last year Stock w 235’s. You say it before the lift. It looks like it would be about 80 miles from the lake to the trailhead. I think the gold lake crew is planning to do some light wheelin on Saturday to though. I’m thinking that it’s going to be a zoo on the con so I may just go over and hock up with them Saturday night. You are more than welcome with us. Do you have a cell phone? That would make it easier to meet up. Let me know what you are going to do.
I think I'll just stay over at the lake, then. My dad wouldn't be too happy if I brought the truck home with new body work. It's kinda his. I don't have a cell, either, but if I find one to bring, I'll post it on the Gold Lakes thread.