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Rubicon was great.....


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....I just typed a full on trip report and lost it. :evil:

Here's a pic from true sluice. I'll retype my report tonight! :roll:


I'll try to make it, but it might be tight. Are we still at the Kiefer Rd. pizza place?

How's the hunt for a long block coming?


Ya, same place @ 6 or 6:30. Might have a lead on a ' 92, just don't know if it'll work without major parts swapping.
The second pic looks like the "vise". Is true sluice the last sluice comin' into the springs or the one in the middle? I can never remember LOL.
True Sluice (or Old Sluice) is the one between Little Sluice (Spider Lake) and Buck Island lake. The go-around is the slabs. The one after Buck is Big Sluice

That 92 would be OK, I would take every last bit of the drivetrain and the wiring and swap it over. Otherwise, you'll run into issues with interfacing the trans and the engine and the computer.

The turn at the top of Big Sluice.....

Just past the turn, at a washed out section.....

Well, you'll have to ax wifey about that. She wasn't feeling to good about that time, so she neglected to take pictures. [img:b40ef52ecb]http://www.pirate4x4.com/ubb/smilies/girly.gif[/img:b40ef52ecb]

There wasn't much to see anyway, I was hodes from the word go. The guy that was spotting me took me up the buggy line, and it got ugly fast.

Dude, I wasn't taking pix at that point cause I had to see a man about a horse and Andy couldn't wait for me to get back to hit the Box. :roll: This is the same reason why he didn't do more damage-I wasn't spottin him.
What's that yellow thing on top of your winch? :flipoff:

We need a better selection of emoticons.