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Rubicon Express 4.5" superflex lift


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Louisville, KY
I just recently bought a 1990 2 door XJ it already has a 2" shackle and spacer lift on it. I want a setup that will give me maximum flex on a budget. I want to run 32x11.50 baja claw radials and still have a lot of flex. I am getting the 4.5" RE lift with the full leaf packs. Should I use the spacer and shackle lift in addition to the RE lift or would that not help. Also what other things do I need to buy such as a slip yoke eliminator or a CV driveshaft. Are those mods absolutely nessicary for the 4.5" RE.

The RE6130 does have a 3.5" spring pack and longer shackles.

An SYE may be necessary, but no two Jeeps seem to agree on that one. Since RE leaf springs often provide more than the advertised lift, give it some time to settle before deciding whether you want to add the coil spacers back in or not.
You can ask the dealer you buy the kit from to Spec it with the 4.5" spring packs if you're gonna use the Spacer and shackle.
Wether you do the SYE or not, you still need a longer drive shaft and will most likely need to shim.

My advice would be to put on the lift and drive it on the road and see if the driveline has any major vibration, if so I would go with the SYE if not major, then pull the shaft and have it extended (about $100 depending on your shop) and shim it accordingly. If you plan on 4.5" packs and 2" longer shackles then you might as well plan on the SYE.

I am not familiar with what RE lifts come with what but the longer shackles will allow the rear springs to flex more. but that is a lot of lift for 32's!!